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Episode 40: Over the Hill with Ulster County Comptroller Candidate March Gallagher & Clegg for D.A.  

In Episode 40 (!!!!!!!!!!!), Spotlight 19 speaks to Ulster County Comptroller Candidate March Gallagher, who would become Ulster County's first elected female comptroller on her vision for good governance and protecting the taxpayers and residents of Ulster County. You can find out how to get involved with March's campaign at www.marchforulster.com.  We also hear from Dave Clegg, an old friend of Spotlight 19 who is now running for District Attorney to bring a progressive vision of criminal justice reform and an approach based in rehabilitation to the opioid crisis. Visit cleggforda.com for more information. This election season is the first time New York State voters will have the ability to vote early. To find out information on Ulster County's early voting sites, visit: https://elections.ulstercountyny.gov/early-voting/. For other counties, please visit your county board of elections site. You can access the State Board of Elections website here.

Episode 39: NY19 Veteran's Advisory Committee Chair Malia Du Mont & 2020 NY19 Speculation  

In Episode 39(!), Sajaa and Justin briefly speculate on the 2020 NY19 race before Sajaa interviews Malia K. Du Mont, Chair of the NY19 Veteran's Advisory Committee. Major Du Mont was named to the position by Rep. Delgado in May. Malia enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1999. Malia and Sajaa discuss her career, including service in Afghanistan, her current position as Chief of Staff at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, and the work of the Veteran's Advisory Committee. Some of the issues that face NY19 veterans include difficulties navigating bureaucracy in receiving benefits and the lack of a women's VA clinic within NY19. Malia is also committed to issues facing student veterans. You can find out more about Malia here and can email her directly with questions about the Committee at maliakdumont@gmail.com, and keep track of the work of the Veteran's Advisory Committee by signing up for Rep. Delgado's email list here.  


In Episode 38, Spotlight 19 takes a deep dive into environmental issues in NY19, with a specific focus on the PFAS issue. PFAS are a group of chemicals used to produce firefighting foam and other heavy industrial products that are known carcinogens. Companies like Dupont and 3M are just some of the entities responsible for these chemicals. Spotlight 19's own Sajaa Tracy was fortunate to speak to Judith Enck, former Region 2 EPA Administrator who provides a primer on the PFAS issue. Sajaa also spoke with Representative Antonio Delgado, who appears on the show for the first time as our Congressman (after many appearances as candidate)! Congressman Delgado will talk about some of the legislation and work he has done on the PFAS issue.  Three ways to listen: Stream directly here or here, or download on your podcast app here! 

To find out more about the environmental initiatives discussed by Judith Enck in the episodes, visit, follow her on at https://twitter.com/enckj and visit http://beyondplastics.org/ 

To sign up for Representative Delgado's newsletter and stay up to date about when he will be in a location near you, visit: https://delgado.house.gov/contact/newsletter-subscribe

Episode 37: Spotlight 19 Returns to Discuss Education with Alexandria Wojcik, New Paltz Village Trustee Candidate  

Hosts Justin and Sajaa Tracy return after a hiatus that began during the 2018 Election. They talk off-the-cuff on Congressman Delgado's impressive first few months in office, about education issues and wonder how Betsy DeVos is still in her position dismantling the Department of Education. Then, Sajaa interviews Alexandria Wojcik, SUNY New Paltz and Delgado campaign alum and candidate for New Paltz Village trustee. Alex shares her vision for New Paltz and thoughts on public higher education and the student debt crisis. She is the first Spotlight 19 guest to be running a no-dollar campaign! You can learn more about Alex here.

Spotlight 19 RETURNS for Season 4 & Women's History Month  

Spotlight 19 returns with a new season of full-length episodes in April 2019! In our short preview episode, we hear from Karen Smythe, one of many impressive women who ran for office for the first time and propelled 2018's blue wave. Despite the narrowest of losses to Sue Serino in Senate District 41, Karen has continued to advocate for the progressive, pro-women's equity agenda she committed to in her campaign and hold Sue accountable for her anti-women stances. We listen in to Karen's riveting speech from the International Woman's Day March and Rally in New Paltz and to her discussion of pro-choice legislation recently passed in New York. Be sure to follow Spotlight 19 on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to keep up to date. Be sure to subscribe to the Indivisible The Fight is On monthly blast to stay up-to-date on Spotlight 19 and access exclusive content from Karen Smythe and many more NY19 activists!

Episode 36: A Potential Series Finale, Joyce St. George Takes on Dark Money and Gareth Rhodes with Show Up 2018  

In perhaps the ultimate episode of Spotlight 19, Justin gives a pep talk on the podcast's journey. Then, we talk to Senate District 51 Candidate Joyce St. George about her district, the environment, and fighting dark money. And one last conversation with our friend and former NY19 Congressional candidate Gareth Rhodes on his new youth voter turnout initiative, Show Up 2018. He tells us his opinion of the race as well!

Nothing left to do but get out the vote on November !6t

Episode 35: Visiting Faso's Own Kinderhook & Conversation with Tistrya Houghtling, Assembly Candidate NY District 107!  

In Episode 35, Spotlight 19 explains that there are no more John Faso votes to track since Congress remains on recess until Election Day on November 6. Then, a great conversation held in Kinderhook (home of John Faso!) this summer with Tistrya Houghtling, who is running for state assembly in District 107. Find more about Tistrya here!

Episode 34: Mike Pence Doubles Down for Faso and Interview with Obama-Endorsed Karen Smythe for NY State Senate  

In Episode 34, Sajaa and Justin return with a little over 30 days to go until the election. A quick update on the NY19 Congressional race between Faso and Antonio Delgado; talking about Faso's hypocritical support of Judge Kavanaugh, his fundraiser with Mike Pence in NYC, and a recap of some of his September votes. Then, an interview with Karen Smythe, running for NY State Senate for District 41, who was endorsed by Barack Obama this week!

Episode 33: NY19 Youth Spurs Change with Hudson Valley Votes & NY Senate Candidate Jen Metzger  

In Episode 33, Spotlight 19 talks to Jazmin Kay and Liam Kahn of Hudson Valley Votes  on getting NY19 youth involved and voting. The Hudson Valley Votes concert is on October 20, so save the date! Then, we speak to Jen Metzger, NY State Senate candidate for the 42nd Senate District. We talk about the environment, funding our public schools and much more. Please don't forget to vote in the Thursday, September 13th primary. If you are in Jen's district you can vote for her via write-in even if you are unaffiliated with a party. 

Don't forget that you can find out about all of Antonio Delgado's town halls in all 11 counties here.

Episode 32: McEvoy for Gerrymandering Marvel NY Assembly District 101 and Iris Gillingham Will Save Earth   

In Episode 32, a brief update on the Delgado campaign's new office in Hyde Park, where Faso closed his office early in his term as NY19 Congressman. Sajaa speaks to Iris Fen Gillingham, youth activist from Sullivan County who is combating climate change through This is Zero Hour and saving the planet with Earth Guardians. Then, we talk to Chad McEvoy, candidate for New York's 101st Assembly District, perhaps the most gerrymandered in the state. Chad tells us about a petition scandal and his vision for the rural communities in the 101st. He also shares his excellent campaign jingle!